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Blogging the Rare Kind
Picture this. A High-Top fade with the afro comb sticking out the top. Rounded clear glasses to accentuate these beautiful cheekbones that God has blessed me with. Light blue denim dungarees complimented perfectly with any colour shirt of my choosing. Before slapping on some fresh black leather Doc’ Martens. Looking like I stepped straight out of the 90’s. Born and raised in a Caribbean household, art completely encapsulated my upbringing. From being forced to dance at family gatherings to waking up on a Sunday morning to my aunt’s best reggae and gospel mix. Slowly but surely, it all seeped in and I found myself obsessed with everything and anything creative or artistic.
My Name is Warren Hugh Murray. A young, black Afro-Contemporary dancer from London who is addicted to listening to music. You’ll always catch me with my headphones in head-banging to the beat or if no-ones watching. Bust out a full routine in the middle of the street. Any genre, any style, any mood. I’m there for it. My love of dance derives from my love of music so it can be safe to say that I am ALWAYS dancing. Through movement I have unlocked many skills and interests which has broadened my perspective when creating. More importantly it has exposed the importance of the existence of art amongst the world.
Art has an innate ability to communicate and translate thoughts, feelings and ideas in a multitude of ways. This innovative ability carries the individualistic style and essence of that person. It is also the trait that has allowed me to delve deep into a world of self-exploration and understanding. Whether it is Dance, Theatre, Photography or Fashion, I am always looking for newer and exciting ways to approach and articulate my expression.
This blog, IS that new way. The first time I laid eyes on Custom Rare’s collection I was instantly attracted to how they adapted old school styles and designs. Giving them an overall more modern and unique aesthetic. A look that offers flexibility and variation to really accentuate the individualistic style of the wearer. Always changing and innovating, Custom Rare has got a busy future ahead of itself. From events to collaborations, this West Midlands based company will be dropping an abundance of dope garments and merchandise which you definitely don’t want to miss out on. So for all your latest Rare news, updates and styling tips.
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